Brava is the cooking solution that will quickly become your go-to for consistently great tasting food, stress free. Brava pairs revolutionary cooking technology with a chef-powered service to bring out the best in your ingredients and make cooking at home easier, faster and tastier than ever before.

Cooking with light allows Brava to achieve a blend of speed and consistency. By pairing this technology with Brava’s chef developed recipe programs, we make sure that your meals turn out perfectly every time. By rapidly adjusting temperature, Brava’s powerful lamps can roast vegetables in half the time, poach eggs with ease, and sear steaks without overcooking them.

Brava changes how meals come together – instead of standing over a stove or grill, all you do is prepare the ingredients. Brava empowers you to cook what you want, when you want, regardless of your time or technique. Brava takes care of the cooking, so you can take care of everything else.