Auto-Bake is a global designer and supplier of fully automated industrial baking ovens and systems. Auto-Bake has been in the business of baking since the 1950s, when founder Kevin Hicks built his first bakery in Melbourne, Australia. Internationally renowned for its innovative Serpentine technology, Auto-Bake’s compact, cost-efficient, continuous baking solutions are custom-configured for a diverse range of baking applications. Beyond cakes and pastry, Auto-Bake’s technology also excels in ready-made meals, artisan/specialty breads, and pet food.

Auto-Bake provides total customization to match all your requirements. Serpentine’s modularity, along with its small footprint, enables a fit for any factory envelope and also allows for fast installation. With Auto-Bake’s extensive product library, global knowledge, and test facilities, Auto-Bake is your partner in pursuit of perfection.

Auto-Bake became part of the American-based Middleby Corporation in 2011 and the headquarters relocated to Plano, Texas. The Middleby Corporation affords Auto-Bake an expanded global reach and effectiveness. This includes dedicated regional sales, service, and parts centers operated by Middleby Worldwide Staff.

At our 30,000 sq.ft. Bakery Innovation Center in Plano, TX, we demonstrate our equipment to customers, brainstorming, test baking and resolving challenges.