Food Processing

Armor Inox

Armor Inox specializes in processing technologies for ham and cooked meat such as pork, poultry and beef… as well as ready meals.

Take advantage of our experience in handling, cooking amd chilling your Sous Vide products with Thermix™ for Sous Vide. Armor Inox carries a large range of equipment available to process small to very large volumes of Sous Vide products as a part of complete automated solutions.

Slicing Hams & Delis – Process your slicing logs, delis, shaped, non-shaped, cold cuts, etc. products in Thermix™ water cooking and chilling systems with a large range of handling capabilities, including Multimolds™ guaranteeing perfect consistency in product dimensions.

Hot Dogs- Fully pasteurize your hot dogs packages with full water immersion from one layer to six layers with our continuous and batch-continuous solutions to accommodate guaranteed surface and/or internal core pasteurization to guarantee food safety and improve shelf life of your clean-label products.