The iconic 19th century cast iron AGA was invented in 1922 by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Gustaf Dalen. Confined to his home after an experiment cost him his sight, Dalen became aware of his wife’s constant tending to the stove. He was determined to create an easier, more efficient cooking appliance that guaranteed perfect results and was capable of every culinary technique. The AGA was born.

New AGA collections emulate today’s era of contemporary designs and modern features like digital controls, expanded fuel options, better efficiency and more versatility for every home. Modern-day incarnations of the iconic 19th century AGA, today’s models are built on over a century of cooking excellence, reliability and longevity — the very pillars of AGA living. It’s more than head-turning style. It’s the opus of culinary ingenuity.

In the year 2000, the BBC published a retrospective of the 20th Century highlighting what it considered to be the top three design icons: first was the Coca-Cola® contour bottle, second was the VW™ Bug and third was the AGA.